Cryptomeria japonica 'Yoschino'

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Cryptomeria japonica 'Yoschino'

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Japanese Cedar ‘Yoschino’

Cryptomeria japonica 'Yoschino'

‘Yoschino’ means “respectful,” and this well-mannered Japanese cedar respects your time with its ability to look after itself.  Soft to the touch and deer resistant, the evergreen conifer requires little care to maintain a gracefully svelte and pyramidal shape.

Its spirally-affixed lime green to blue-green needles provide cooling contrast to the rustic appeal of peeling rust-colored bark. The spherical cones which decorate its branch tips may grow to 1 inch in diameter, maturing from purple to coppery tan.

Descended from the national tree of Japan, also known as sugi, ‘Yoschino’ is more fast growing and densely foliaged than the species. It also retains its green color better and is less prone to bronzing in winter. Hardy in zones 5 through 8 and generally growing at least a foot or more per year, this cultivar may eventually reach 40 feet in height and 30 feet in width. In any case, it should make your neighbors more respectful of your landscaping prowess!  

Culture: Japanese cedars prefer rich, moist, well-drained, and mildly acidic soil in full sun, but also will tolerate partial shade. Provide them some protection from northern gales.

Especially appropriate for Asian or Zen gardens, they also add a touch of the Orient to more typical landscaping. You may want to plant a single specimen tree, which can be strung with twinkly lights during the holiday season, or grow several in a rank for privacy screening.

Deer Resistant


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Recommended Spacing: 6 ft apart

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