Norway Spruce

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Picea abies, or Norway Spruce, is a glorious large evergreen tree famous for its use as a screening plant or windbreak. Left alone, Norway Spruce reach heights of up to 40 feet. When sheared, they create a beautiful, deer-resistant, evergreen specimen. Norway Spruce are extremely cold-hardy and perform well in full-sun. These plants have been used widely throughout the Northeast and Long Island for years because of their moderately fast growth, durability and cold-hardiness.

Deer Resistant


Additional Information:

Mature Height: 40-50ft

Mature Width: 20-30 ft

Latin Name: Picea abies

Recommended Spacing: 6-12 ft apart

Growth Rate: 12-18" per year

Watering: Everyday initially. Once established, regular watering still needed for best performance

Sunlight: Full sun